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25 July 2009 @ 01:19 pm
I have just watched the entire 5 seasons of LOST in about 4 weeks.  Basically, I started watching lost when it was first on TV, I got about 6 episodes into season 2 and decided I couldn't be arsed.  But now I've finished uni, and not got much to do, I decided to give it a go.

I don't think I'll ever be hooked/obsessed with it, but I do enjoy (aspects of) it.  Anyone here a lost-head?  Who's your favourite?

I would say my favourites are Ben, Locke, Juliet, Desmond and Sawyer.  I cannot stand Jack and Kate, either together or just in general.  Argh, they give me rage.

I really enjoyed the show, but the whole 1977 thing bored/annoyed me, can't wait to see what happens though, and I hope Juliet is not dead!
Magic Pants: Ghost Buster. Highlight of Seasons 2-4.kools_pad on July 25th, 2009 09:21 pm (UTC)
I watched it live back in season 1. Season 1 was one of the best seasons of a television series ever. After that? It slid to terrible levels.

I hate Sawyer. Can. Not. Stand. Him. I loved him as the evil character, then he got all lame and girly. Plus he just reminds me of a club dousche bag. Just hitting on any chick who passes by.

Ironic, Jack, Locke, and Juliet are my favorite characters. Sorry, but i like Jack. He's got that Jack Bauer thing where hes different every season. Meanwhile Sawyer or Kate or Claire or Sun or, god there are so many characters. Anyways, they all just keep on the long boring storyline they are on. Jack and Locke are always changing, i like that. Ben i love too. Even though hes kind of a cartoon character. I think hes just silly now.

I have some enjoyment of the show now. But if i relate it back to season 1? Its just depressing on how bad it has gotten.

Miles is one of my favorites too. I love asshole characters.
weehobbit: LOST -- benry knows best - hamweehobbit on July 25th, 2009 10:57 pm (UTC)
Good choices! And Jack and Kate can be annoying, yes. I have on/off love for Jack to be quite honest though.

Ahaha, I loved the time jump. I'm thinking one of the only ways I'll be truly satisfied is if the end shows them back on 815. It's just crazy to think that being reset means none of them will have met one another. Unless it's their destiny to somehow see each other in another life? Get back to the island? That would be cool.

I'm still quite upset about Juliet but I hope the actress does well with her new show... kind of. Sort of. D:

This show kills me with agony though, waiting for each season. 2010?! GAH. You're kinda lucky to have watched it all in one go without having to wait! :D
bijoux83: fu_kissbijoux83 on July 26th, 2009 02:46 pm (UTC)
I grew tired of Lost... season three-ish, I think. But I somehow stumbled on a Sawyer and Juliet scene on Youtube and whoa. They had me at hello or something. I really, really hope she's alive somehow, somewhere.

But what I hope for more is the majority of this last season being dedicated to the whole mystery and how these characters' lives were intertwined before they stepped on 815.

I agree with your like list, except for Locke who grew to be so damn tiring.